Mr. Chong Yiu Tak, - Intech’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is well-known in the fuel distribution and transportation industry where he has more than 40 years of sales and marketing experiences corner stoned by his excellent services. Since the early days of kerosene and LPG distributing services, he has been committed and perseveres in his work to satisfy his customers at all times. His dedication to develop new business and expand the depth and width of servicing his customers has been highly recognized and appreciated in the fuel supply in marine, industrial operations, and construction industry.

Mr. Chong intends to promote innovative management ideas in the fuel distribution industry and keep advocating a more standardized industry protocol. Based on this belief, Mr. Chong is determined to set up Intech Pty Co., Ltd. and promoting this new thinking and approach to operate the traditional fuel distribution industry.

In addition to his outstanding achievements in the fuel distribution and transportation business, Mr. Chong is also engaged personally in the environmental protection practices within the company. Over the years, he has led the company to win various environmental protection awards in the industry in Hong Kong; the prizes won included The Peral River Delta Environmental Planning Award - Green Company Award" and "BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Award and Outstanding Environmental Partner" award.

Jacky Chong


Mr. Lam Him Shing is Intech’s Director and General manager. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing and corporate governance. Being a qualified senior licensed asset management professional of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, he is also the Founder and Chairman of a registered charity in Hong Kong. This particular charity has been rooted in Hong Kong to serving society and benefiting the community for many years.

Over the past three decades, Mr. Lam Him Shing is a visionary leader who has demonstrated his all-round leadership, achieved great success in the business arena. The businesses operated under his management included overseas real estate development, asset management, and fintech.To introducing modernized technology and innovative thinking in traditional industries and has led positive reforms on those industries into a new business era with strengthening competitiveness.

In addition, Mr. Lam also held various public duties and continuously contributing to the betterment of the community. The registered charity "Foundation of the Vulnerable and the Poor Limited" is committed to promoting the employment of people with disabilities, advocating the integration of the disabled with the healthy people to creating a harmonized society. In 2019, this charity had organized public events such as the Hong Kong Thousand People Charity Long-Distance Fundraising Event, a series of community visits to those elderly who lives alone as well as organizing those elderly to local travel to raise public awareness. Intech is always striving its utmost effort to take care of the disadvantaged community, and bringing those vulnerable contributing to the community as a reciprocal benefit to the disadvantaged community and the Hong Kong society as a whole.

Harry Lam

General Manager