Service & Product

With its professional market knowledge and management experiences, Intech Pty has become one of the largest fuel distribution suppliers in Hong Kong. Backboned by the partnership with SHELL, one of the world’s leading fuel manufacturers; Intech has been able to deliver stable and reliable supply of high-quality fuel products and services

which empower our customers with trouble-free operations in their day to day business.

Diesel and various fuel supplies

We provide various types of diesel products for the construction and transportation industry, including industrial ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), automotive European Emission Standard / Euro 5 & 6 standards, marine diesel (MGO), unleaded gasoline, petrol, kerosene and ISO12412 standard B5 biodiesel, etc.

Lubricant and Urea Solution

Providing major brands and various types of lubricant products, Intech Pty employees embrace professional knowledge and diversified practical skills who are capable of  advising the customers with the most appropriate and effective products  for various applications including fleet operations.

Fleet Card – Retail Fuel Station

Intech fleet card - choices for consumers to choose the most valuable benefits to fueling their vehicles in terms of monthly credit card service as well as other marketing advantages. All fuel consumption will be clearly reported on the monthly statement, saving the time and resources of our customers, in particular, fleet management who can ease their minds to focus on their daily operations.

24-hour emergency service

Business continuity - non-stop operation has been the key to property management companies, data centers, banks and major power companies in Hong Kong. The 24 hours hours operation of these industries need the stand-by generator set to protect their equipment up and running without any unplanned stoppage. In view of this, Intech 24 hours emergency fuel supply delegated team and services is aimed to serve these customers to allowing them in a trouble-free environment at any circumstance in case there is a power outage.

Fuel tank and fuel tanker rental and trading services

Provide one-stop service for leasing and trading of fuel tank and fuel tanker vehicles to support construction site and fleet customers with sufficient normal and backup applications to store diesel fuel consumption in case of unexpected needs.